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AnywhereWorks as your business communication tool connects your teams and helps them function as a single unit in an interactive online workplace.

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The online pit stop to unify business communication

Effective file sharing

AnywhereWorks facilitates instant data sharing inside your conversations. Download, copy or share files, images, and links back and forth with features that complement data lookup and retrieval.

Insightful message inbox

Back to work after a long weekend? Start from where you left off. AnywhereWorks provides an “unread message” count for direct messages and emphasizes unread messages in a stream so that you can transition to regular business effortlessly.

Feeds and updates

Post work updates regularly or hover over the Feeds tab to view what your peers are up to. AnywhereWorks creates a Space that’s transparent and interactive with features to cheer and comment on work/task updates. Personalize your feeds section to follow and receive update notifications about a team member.

Built-in integrations to manage your business effectively

  • Track employee work hours

    AnywhereWorks supports an employee time tracking app to help businesses automate pre-payroll processing. Enable services for your entire team or specific members in your Space. Encourage your team to clock in and clock out of your project and help them track every minute of productivity.

  • Video call and screen share

    Convert chats into virtual conference rooms by initiating a video call with your team members. Invite multiple participants to an active call by simply sharing the link with them. Begin a screen share to pitch ideas and reports without navigating to an external app.

A single tool for communication. Direct messaging, group chat, and video conferencing all in one place

  • Share your Space with guest

    AnywhereWorks gives you the ability to temporarily add clients, vendors, customers or business partners to your Space. Bring your guests onboard, add them to Streams and let them interact with team members directly.

  • Integrate with other business tools

    Connect AnywhereWorks with other popular software and import the details of an event from other apps to a dedicated stream in AnywhereWorks. Never miss out on potential leads, new ticket creation, or customer chats.

  • Desktop and mobile apps

    Stay in the loop with your business 24/7. The AnywhereWorks mobile app lets you carry your business in your pocket. Ensure you stay connected with your business chats even when you are on the go.

  • Real-time metrics

    Click your peer’s avatar in the Team Directory to view their weekly progress and activity. Discover how active your team members are with real-time analysis of their collaboration.