Tools for Distributed Teams

Organize all your distributed teams in an online workplace to keep them all connected to a common mission. Ensure that it’s business 24/7 with your distributed workforce teams, even if they’re floors, cities or countries apart.

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Revamp the team conversation and collaboration

No more solitude

Team members may feel disconnected with peers distributed around the globe. To boost team bonding, your team gets a platform that encourages them to interact with each other in streams and comment on work updates.

Clutter-free inbox

Save your email inbox for important mails while your AnywhereWorks Space harbors all your business chats and shared files. With a cloud-based storage system, your data and information stay safe and accessible.

Real-time messaging

Re-imagine how you connect with your peers who are time zones away. Set your availability status and start real-time instant chats, with support for emojis and other rich media.

Listen and be heard

Broadcast your work updates in Feeds to let everyone know what you’re working on, be it lead acquisition, marketing campaigns or sales strategy. Upvote your peer’s update or post a comment to start a discussion.

Replace your office space with the AnywhereWorks Space

View files online

Access and view inbound files and share them with your peers without downloading them to your device. Leverage your AnywhereWorks storage space without worrying about clogging your computer’s storage.

Public Teams

Group your peers under teams that can be viewed by all members in your space. Ensure that new team members can discover which peer is associated with what project without waiting around for formal introductions.

Private Streams

Host your peers’ Streams and enable them to collaborate with each other on topics of common interest. Name your Stream, add your peers and create a channel to start a discussion and create ideas.

Chat options that you can hand-pick from

  • Video Calls

    Bring in the element of “real” with video calls that enable you to get in touch with your peers overseas. AnywhereWorks lets you host your agile distributed teams on a group conference call with options to include guests too.

  • Direct Chats

    Start 1:1 chats with any colleague listed in the Directory. Chats are a great way to work effectively with real-time collaboration made easy. View status updates, shared streams and view shared history right from the chat window.

  • Audio Calls

    Switch to audio calls when you just want your voice to be heard. All you need is the other person online. Chat alongside the call and make sure you convey your points in a precise manner.

Built by a Distributed Team. We know what works.

  • Link with other tools

    AnywhereWorks allows you to customize how data flows with other apps through simple integrations. You can also install the built-in apps to help your distributed team to track their productivity or utilize video calling to connect with other peers.

  • Personalized notifications setup

    Get notified when you’re mentioned by your colleagues, or mute noisy Streams to help you focus. Follow team members to receive alerts when they post new work updates.

  • Multiple platform sync

    AnywhereWorks seamlessly syncs across mobile, desktop and web-based apps. Switch between apps and don’t miss out on any chats, mentions or updates even when you’re on vacation or travelling to meet your distributed team.

  • Effective screen-sharing

    Pitch your points to your team or show demo of the latest project by sharing your screen during video calls. Experience the best video quality alongside discussing files face-to-face with your peers.