AnywhereWorks for distributed teams

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Your Communication Dashboard

Eliminate endless email threads.

Stop being a slave to your inbox. Your email shouldn’t be your workbench. Use the right tool for the job: your team deserves a dedicated communication platform.

Group chat and video conferencing

Complex problems require many minds. Your team needs a frictionless way to communicate. AnywhereWorks is designed to get out of the way and let your team get its work done.

Private chat and video calls

Easily manage 1-to-1 messages with teammates. A single feed shows your chat record in one place. Got something to discuss? Launch video calls with one click.

Message history all in one place

Don’t lose vital information in a long-gone employee’s email. Your team’s messages are stored and easily retrieved to preserve hard-won knowledge.

Communication Flow is Vital for Distributed Teams. Keep the Channels Open

Intuitive design

A platform that adapts to how you communicate; there’s no learning curve. Organise information around specific teams and/or projects.

Team transparency

Status updates let everyone in your organisation know what you’re working on. Contributions are visible in a public feed, a great way to get a high level view of your team.

Limit the data deluge

Streams keep everyone in the loop. Add the teammates who are needed to move your project forward. Chat streams can be public or private.

Easy, One-click Video Chat with Your Entire Team.

  • A single interface for all team communication

    No more multiple apps and sign-ins just to chat with a teammate. Keep vital communications in one place, not scattered across separate email, chat, and video services.

  • One click video conferencing

    Everyone in your team has their own unique link to use for video conferencing. Jumping on a video call will become second nature.

  • Video calls for everybody

    Browser-based video chat, both inside and outside your organisation, is as easy as sharing a link. End the frustration of software downloads and incompatible hardware when all you want is to get on with your meeting.

Built by a Distributed Team. We Know What’s Needed

  • Crafted by a distributed team

    We work in multiple continents, countries, and timezones. We know what it takes to deliver complex projects with a team scattered across timezones and in various locations.

  • Recreate the water cooler

    Distributed teams need more than just a message exchange solution. Recreating the softer side of the office is vital. Work status updates allow you to cheer teammates, proactively offer help, and build team spirit bit by bit.

  • Craft a culture

    Your team’s success is determined by its working culture. Tools alone can’t change a culture but they can help. AnywhereWorks nudges your team to share, support, and grow.