Smarten up your Team Chat Space

YoCoBoard is an online employee time-tracking app that’s simple to use and automates payroll management. Integrate YoCoBoard and AnywhereWorks to record the productivity of your team. Ensure that your teammates check-in to work via the YoCoBoard-AnywhereWorks integration and keep track of your team’s progress with ease.


Setting up the Integration

  • 1

    Go to Apps & Integrations > YoCoBoard

  • 2

    Hit the install button

  • 3

    Customize the Time Tracker for your team

  • 4

    Activate YoCoBoard for your teams

Choose Time Tracking

As the admin of the account, navigate to the sidebar of your AnywhereWorks app and choose Apps & Integration. Select the Time-Tracker card to start setting up the integration.

Install YoCoBoard Time Tracker

Embed the time tracker on your team’s communication space to track and estimate your team’s billable work hours. Hit the Install button on the left side of the pop-up window to proceed with the integration.

Configure Who Tracks Time

Customize the YoCoBoard integration to determine who can track their work hours. Choose to enable the integration for a few members in your team’s space or authorize the integration for all the members in your team space.

Activate AnywhereWorks - YoCoBoard integration

Once you configure the basic setup, simply click Done to activate time tracking for your team members. Your team can track their work hours with YoCoBoard’s clock in and clock out button embedded in the sidebar of the AnywhereWorks app.