We Make Remote Office Work

Telecommuting involves collaborating with remote team members, following their progress and updates, online meetings with peers boost the team collaboration. AnywhereWorks integrates office interaction with technology for a remote office software that works for your distributed teams.

Set up Your Own Space

Sign up for an exclusive space for your organization on AnywhereWorks. Configure your Space, profile and start sending email invites to bring all your team members into your newly setup space. Create Streams for team members to help them interact, exchange ideas and stay connected.

Promote a Transparent Culture

AnywhereWorks instills transparency among an agile team that’s divided by time zones. Status feeds help keep peers informed about a member’s availability. Work updates help team members post updates on the task they are engaged with.

Switch Between Chat and Calls

Not everything can be conveyed with in a chat box. Start a 1:1 or group video call from inside the app. Disable the video to convert the video chat to an audio call and save some bandwidth and ensure that meetings can happen anywhere.

Flexible for Your Business

AnywhereWorks helps you redefine not just team interaction, but also how your team interacts with your clients. Invite your clients and contract employees to your Space on AnywhereWorks and enable them to interact with a selected list of members without emails or any third-party app.