What is AnywhereWorks?

AnywhereWorks is an online team communication tool that helps your teams collaborate with each other. You can start 1:1 chats with your peers, have a discussion with your entire team with group chats and even get on a video call inside AnywhereWorks.

How can I sign-up for an account in AnywhereWorks?
First, sign up with your Gmail account. Next, create a new Space and start adding your team members. Voila! You’re all set to transform team communication.

I am getting an error when I enter the Team name during signup. What should I do?

The Team name you enter cannot have special characters (including space). The Team name that you create must be unique and shouldn’t exist in our directory. If the team name you have entered doesn’t have any special characters or is available for use, contact AnywhereWorks support via chat.

If I skip invite can I invite members later?
Yes, you can invite your teammates anytime after the signup process. You can also go to the Dashboard and navigate to Directory. Click on Invite others button to proceed. Enter the name and email address of the member to send an email invitation.

How can I invite multiple members at the same time?
You can send multiple invites at once during the sign-up process. In case you skipped/missed it, share your Space link with your team members and let them join your Team’s Space on AnywhereWorks.

What is the difference between Team and Collabs?
Teams are public channels that can be viewed by all members from the directory. Only the Admin can create Teams and the Team owner can manage it.

Collabs are private conversations that can be viewed by members of the collabs. They will only be visible in the directory of those who are a part of that Collab.

What is All Hands?
All Hands is a default Team in which all the members of the Space are added upon their joining.
This also helps when an announcement has to be sent to all members or when you have to view all the members of the Space.

How many Collabs or Teams can I create?
There is no restriction on the number of Collabs and Teams you can create in AnywhereWorks.

Can I share files that are larger than 1 GB?
No, you cannot send files larger than 1GB in AnywhereWorks.

I need to look up a chat I had with a colleague months ago. How can I do it?
You can search for conversations using the Chat search available on the top-left corner of your app. The search tab also sports a tiny downward pointing arrow that helps you locate a specific part of a Direct chat or a Collab with a keyword or phrase.

How do I mark members who have left the company as Inactive?
The admin of the account can make members inactive.

Click on Settings in the sidebar. Navigate to Team Directory. Enter the name of the member to be deactivated. Toggle the Active button to inactivate the contact.

I want to invite a person who is not part of my company but I need to interact with the member on a daily basis. Is this possible with AnywhereWorks?

Yes, you can invite the member as a Guest in AnywhereWorks. The Guest can only communicate with you and also with people whom he/she shares a Collab with.

How do I start a group video call from AnywhereWorks?
Click the video call icon at the sleek sidebar. In the video call window click on the Start button next to the video URL. You can either copy the link and send it to your peers or you can add participants to the call. You can also share the link with the guest to add them to a video call.

Is there mobile apps available for AnywhereWorks?
Yes, AnywhereWorks is available in both Google Play Store and App store.
Google Play Store: AnywhereWorks Android app
App Store : AnywhereWorks iOS app