Connect teams near and far

Harness the full potential of your remote teams or distributed local teams with AnywhereWorks. Keep the communication in your culture alive with one-to-one chats or face-to-face video meetings launched with just a click inside our app.

Group your People

Categorize your devs, sales, marketing, IT members into distinct Public groups anyone can view and save time on introducing your team members to new recruits. Each profile lets you include designation that’s visible to all. Save time on unnecessary introductions and promote transparent communication.

Get face-to-face with teams

Engage in face-to-face collaboration from within the app and bridge the physical distance. Discuss projects, sales goals, marketing plans with people across the globe without leaving your cubicle by simply sharing a URL. Mute members on a call to ensure that the voice that matters gets everyone’s attention.

Build a social Community

Losing track of peer progress and developments in office is easy. Share your updates and project Developments in Feeds. Cheer, comment on other feeds and turn workplace into a interactive community. Applaud your team’s achievements by sharing status of new leads, sealed deals and so on.

Search and Analytics

AnywhereWorks powered by smart algorithms ensures that you don’t have to search conversations manually. Simply search a phrase of the discussion to view a specific part of your chat history. View how often your peers are collaborating in the Admin dashboard. Inactivate users who leave your company to secure your Space.