Personalize your Virtual Office Software

Mimic your physical office on the virtual world by signing up for a Space on AnywhereWorks. Once you have set up, invite your team members onboard and enable them to start interacting with peers. Unify teams by creating group streams to ensure frictionless team collaboration.

Adding Real to Virtual

AnywhereWorks minimizes the woes of bringing your teams together online. Easily conduct video meetings and 1:1 check-in by starting a video call online. Share your screen for a quick product demo to an audience located on the other side on the world effortlessly.

Chat Your Way to Work

Start a conversation with anyone by transforming your mobile devices into your virtual office software. Download the AnywhereWorks app for your Android and iOS device and ensure that team collaboration and meetings can happen even when you are on a vacation.

Bundle Members in Streams

Create unlimited Streams for all the projects in your company. Ensure that each team is unified as they work towards a common goal. Improve bonding by creating and designating recreational streams for peers to interact and get to know each other better.

Broadcast Your Updates

Team collaboration is not effective when your team is kept in dark. Work around the distance by encouraging your team to post work updates on a regular interval. Enrich these status updates by adding images, timestamps, emoticons or tagging other peers.