AnywhereWorks for Online Communities

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Easy communication for your group

Simple, easy group communication

You want a way to discuss what’s important, you don’t care about the software. We offer easy sign-up, easy login, and easy communication.

Topic Based Streams for Group Chats

  • AnywhereWorks keeps communication alive

    What to keep the discussion going after a meeting or conference? Keep conversations alive in group or private chats: ideas don’t stop just because the meeting is over.

  • No learning curve

    You don’t want to ‘organise’ your group, you just want to have a place to chat, learn, and exchange ideas. AnywhereWorks is designed to stay out of the way and let your creativity flow.

One-click, multi-user video chat.

Simple video chat

Video conferencing is as easy as clicking a link. No downloads, just simple, in-browser video chatting for everyone.

Get the message across with screen-sharing

Screen sharing in video calls is a one-click function. Go through a presentation or show people something you’re working on for inspiration and feedback.

Build better relationships. Get to know your community with user profiles.

  • Messaging is just one part of building a network

    You also want to know who’s behind those stellar chats. Profile pages are more than just a name and a picture. Find out more about your collaborators, what they’ve said, and how they interact.

  • Collaboration history

    Want to see who’s active in the group? See what’s being going on with status updates and interaction history. It’s an easy way to get a high-level view of your group.